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I’m Dr. Kate Baker, a veterinary clinical pathologist with a passion for teaching and a mission to help veterinary professionals become more comfortable with and excited by cytology and hematology. Here you’ll find a number of learning resources including RACE-approved online courses as well as free tutorials, tidbits, and guides. If you have any questions or suggestions, please get in touch by messaging me below! Happy learning!

Schoolhouse Course Highlights

  • 24/7 lifetime access anywhere you have an internet connection
  • RACE approved (except for the free mini-courses)
  • Go at your own pace (no deadlines!)
  • Focus on practical points that help you get to the best next step for your patients
  • Include supplemental materials such as worksheets and quizzes to emphasize what you’ve learned

"Down to earth, fun way to learn cytology. This course was probably one of the best CE courses I ever completed. Lots of down to earth descriptions and common mistakes how not to make them. Well worth every minute spent on this course."

– Kim Heynin

"I have been a registered veterinary technologist for over 15 years. I have never enjoyed cytology..... until I started this course. It teaches you the fundamentals while not overloading you with information. I highly recommend this course!"

– Krystle Hill

"This may have been my all-time favorite CE course!!! Dr. Baker's teaching style is very relaxed...like she's addressing friends. It is also very well organized. I am a CVT who transitioned to human cytopathology and I needed a refresher. I learned so much in this course. I can't say enough about it!! Please consider giving us more for 2020!"

– Kelly Conrad

"This course was a lot of fun, for me, hopefully it is for anyone taking it. Lots of information and facts from the Great Kate! I am a technician with a passion for Clinical Pathology and hope to one day get a VTS in it. I get asked a lot to look at cytologic samples with my doctors and now I have MORE confidence than before to help them reach a diagnosis! Thank you Kate for the great course and I look forward to more! (Hopefully hematology soon! 😉 ) "

– Rebecca Balls

"So I will preface this review by acknowledging I took it already loving cytology. I am that nerd at work that geeks out over cool (aka crazy awful looking) cytologies. I definitely wanted a course to help improve my skills in interpreting what I'm seeing and Dr. Baker's course did that and more. She breaks things down very simply to help you narrow down differentials and makes it fun the entire time. Her passion for what she does makes this an enjoyable CE. I highly recommend this course to anyone that performs in house evaluations of cytologies! "

– Julia Wiederholt

"This course is GREAT! Whether you are a new grad or have been in practice for a long time this course demystifies cytology for the general practioner. It's incredibly practical, systematic and logical in its approach. I didn't learn it this way 20 years ago and suddenly it seems so much more manageable and far less daunting. In addition to covering the most common things we see in general practice there are important tips provided to help you avoid common pitfalls in diagnosis as well as let you know when cytology is extremely reliable and when it actually requires histopath for confirmation. Highly recommend!"

– Lisa Goldburg

"I graduated a long time ago and always sent samples for pathology so forgot all of school knowledge. The Facebook group is so interesting that I got interest again,learnt as I never thought from this group and joined the course!Is so useful, brilliantly and simple explained that I feel much better, refreshed and up to date on cytology so that I can start looking myself and compare (finding the time will be the more challenging thing). Totally advise this course!Thank you"

– Joana Miranda

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