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Become a Master of the Microscope!

And do so from the comfort of your couch! Practical online courses in cytology and hematology for the veterinary professional, designed to catapult you from confused to confident.

All Schoolhouse Courses are go-at-your-own-pace with lifetime 24/7 access wherever you have an internet connection.

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Mastering Hematology: Practical Approach to CBC and Blood Smear Interpretation

(5 hours RACE approved!)

This 5 hour, RACE approved course is designed to strengthen your identification skills and use that information in conjunction with the CBC to interpret what abnormalities mean for the patient.

*RACE Program # 1439-4159; Non-interactive, Distance*

FREE 1-Hour Mini-Course!

Ten Things Everyone Should Know about Hematology

In this mini-lesson, we go over 10 things that anyone looking at blood smears and interpreting CBC data should know! (Note: This is not a RACE approved lesson.)

Mastering Cytology: Skin and Subcutis

(5 hours RACE approved!)

This 5 hour, RACE approved, in-depth course is designed to boost your confidence and skills in interpretation of fine-needle aspirate (FNA) cytology from masses/lesions in the skin and subcutis. *RACE Program # 1439-37933; Non-interactive, Distance*
FREE 30-Minute Course!

Cytology 101: Intro to Cytology and Knowing What to Ignore

In this mini-lesson, you’ll learn the cytologic algorithm, a basic approach to reviewing slides, and a variety of artifacts to ignore! (Note: This is not a RACE approved lesson) 

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Veterinary students and vet tech/nursing students: 25% off all courses
Veterinary interns and residents: 15% off all courses
Groups of 3-6 team members (from same practice): 20% off per person
Groups of over 6 team members (from same practice): 30% off per person

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