Thank you for your kind words!


Very helpful course! Gives you a great foundation to build off of as well as confidence in managing in-house cytology samples.
James D.

Loved the course, helped me streamline my cytology reviews and be more confident in stating my findings. My only gripe would be to have had a full (filled out more?) version of the flow chart, and be able to see it on the sidelines during the modules. I’m quite a visual learner so I printed a lot out of the notes so I could follow the diagram more easily during the program. Have already heartily recommended to fellow techs!
Telane M.

Great course! I went through it twice, and it felt like I was literally sitting at the microscope with Dr. Baker learning about cells. Loved it. I want to participate in more of her online courses!
Jenna S.

Kate- thank you for doing this I know it takes a lot of time. The information was clear, concise, well organized and helpful. The photos were really good and explanations were great.
Johna V.

This course fills in knowledge gaps that were holdovers from vet school. The content is detailed and easy to follow. I especially enjoyed the case review- it is like sitting at a scope with a pathologist as your personal tutor.
Stephen L.

This may have been my all-time favorite CE course!!! Dr. Baker’s teaching style is very relaxed…like she’s addressing friends. It is also very well organized. I am a CVT who transitioned to human cytopathology and I needed a refresher. I learned so much in this course. I can’t say enough about it!! Please consider giving us more for 2020!
Kelly C.

Highly recommend this course. I will be doing any other cytology courses that become available. I have always loved cytology but now I feel like I will do a better job. Kudos to Kate for creating a wonderful c.e. opportunity for everyone.
Janis S.

I loved this course. It was well organized, Kate provided very thorough explanations, and the images were amazing. I came away from this course a lot more comfortable about cytology. I will absolutely take another course if it comes out.
Brenda F.

Very practical and useful CE. Will definitely recommend!
Susanna D.

Very practical and useful CE. Will definitely recommend!
Susanna D.

I loved the course, a real eye-opener! I now feel more confident to systematically differentiate cells and their origin, which will be really helpful in descision making in the every day clinical practice. Thank you!
Nina B.

This course was very helpful in getting more knowledge in identifying cells on FNAs we do in house and feeling more confident with my diagnosis.
Susan F.

Loved the case interaction and how the material was presented. As a technician I liked that it wasn’t assumed I knew everything. Excellent course, I’d take more!
Chastity S.

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